Monday, November 24, 2014

Fondly remembered

In death, he was smiling.

Like the very jolly and yolo man he was, he left us all stricken with guilt, with sadness, with pain but most important of all, he left us with such fond and beautiful memories.

Memories of hunting in the wild, of defending himself and others from wild dogs, of fishing in great lakes, taming birds, nurturing great fish, travelling across countries, indulging in rich food, oily food, unhealthy food...

A rich life fully lived out with a sort of carefree carelessness.

But nonetheless, when he lived, he loved, and he loved fiercely.

Sometimes, it still feels that he is still with us; his chill spirit lounging peacefully and restfully somewhere in the house.

It almost became a sort of habit for all of us, to enter his bedroom and be welcomed by the smell of his medication and his gruff voice and loud snoring. I still remember catching a sneaky glance at him bobbing comically to the down rhythm of the club music when I was younger. He even tried to sing the crazy frog's theme song to his grandchildren when it first came out.

It was years ago, but it seemed like it was just yesterday.

In our subconscious remembrance, he is still sleeping in that very same bedroom.

We would enter, but we would find no one there.

I wonder, is it possible to mend that hole in the fabric, the hole in your heart?

I hope that when he left us, he had left us for the land of paradise, a place where no tears would be shed and no sadness and pain is to be found.

I hope he met his maker, who has loved the family since the very start and has kept it in his protective embrace till the very end of time.

Goodbye, ah gong. I want to see you again.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Removed the last post because it is too inappropriate for the current situation.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Watermelon Violence
The plunge of metal into the rind
Brings out the fresh smell of crimson

Stab, Slash, Tear, Smash and repeat-

The deformed mound becomes
an unrecognizable blob
of stinking flesh.

Yet Anger is still not satisfied.

It is disgusting.
That sweet, sickly odor that hangs

In the air
On my hands
In the stain of my clothing.

It is hideous, nasty, foul and vile-
Rotten to the stinking core.
I disposed the unworthy thing;

For it deserves no mercy.
None at all.