Wednesday, April 16, 2014

There are many more things that are larger than life

Hell week is finally coming to an end!!!
I had the craziest, most hectic week of this semester. 3 events, 4 deadlines (with each assignment comprising of more than 20% for each of the module).

I really hate myself for overloading.

But kinda glad than I am managing it pretty okay, aside from the lack of sleep and family time.

Today,  I finally submitted my artwork for my creative writing multimedia project.
I think that it is the my best artwork till date (pardon my shamelessness haha) and it only took me two whole days!! Much faster than expected. I thought it would take me a minimum of 5 days actually.

My greatest regret is that I did not take ANYYYYY pictures to show yall!! Dx
But its okay, at least I saved the poems infused within my artwork in softcopy. So at least I still have something to show. Will be posting them up in a series of separate posts!

Everyone in the creative writing class had to present their multimedia project today. I am absolutely awed by how creative everyone is! This is probably the most enjoyable and inspiring module EVERRRR. Except for the fact that the bell curve is steep as hell coz everyone is so pro in writing -___-

We had a classmate presenting us with a variety of kimchi dishes(he is Korean) while reciting his poem.

We had an exchange student reciting his poem of the many wonderful and exciting experiences he had in Asia and in school. With the 4 official languages of Singapore. Yup, *cough* Google Translate *cough*.

We had classmates singing their poem. Performing their poem. Presenting their poem in a mini movie clip. Presenting their work on a puzzle board (IT'S ON THE PLACES OF JAPAN SQUEEE~) and I remembered the places they did was Sapporo, Nagoya and err.. others I can't remember. One of our classmates wrote a very interesting piece on the conversation between life and death.

As for me, I wrote poems on the theme of "Lost Children". I think my topic is probably the most depressing one coz no one was smiling when I talked about the background inspiration of my work. Even though the artwork presented with the poems was beautiful, it was beautiful in a very tragic way. Why am I such a sadist. I kinda felt like I'm a party pooper lol.

But I'm really glad that I did it. It was such a difficult topic. And I hope that it would make an impact on readers somehow.

And just like last semester, I'm kinda sad that I won't be seeing all of these classmates again(unless by sheer luck and coincidence we're on the same class again). Sigh..

As I mug for my other assignments, I'll leave yall with one of the pioneering poems I wrote-of the depressing topic I've chosen. It's sorta like a #throwbackpoem coz I handed it up to my tutor like, last month.

Reading it again, I feel less stressed up now, coz even though the poem is really sad, I know that there are problems and issues much greater than what I'm facing, and that I have no reason to whine.

The train arrives
(by Kira Lim Xinyi)

                                                Sweet little one,
With your dainty, delicate hands outstretched
         You willingly leapt off the ledge
                                     Into the hands of your
 New caretakers.
Winter in their smiles, they led you from the mall
        Where you were last seen before you were gone
         Bustling streets of Liverpool
       Where strangers gush at the lovely sight
                              Of the three young boys-
A veneer of guileless innocence.
           But they were blinded to the reason behind
                          The plight of those tears.
                                                   Beautiful child,
      Tottering behind the big boys,
Through the meadows of breathing wildflowers
             Into the cosy little shed where
             You were fed batteries
Battered, Beaten, Bludgeoned, Splatted
                With bright blue paint
                                      Dropped on your head

                                        Poor little doll
With your mangled little limbs,
              They laid you to rest
On railway tracks

            The situation, speculations,
Aggravations, allegations-
                        It was everybody’s Devastation

The distant calls of soft, melodious
                         Ringing and rumblings arrives-
The whistles wails as the journey continues
     Slices through the silence of the night.

No time to bid goodbye

                                 To grieving parents.

Side note: poem written in memory of the young James Bulger

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Miss Understood

*Edited and re-posted from my previous post

Miss Understood
I am fascinated by
The impact words can have.

One carelessly chosen word
Can make or break
What a relationship has.

A sentence ridden with
Grammatical errors loses respect.
Self-righteous quotes
Are asking for a spank.

Then there's this innate drama queen
In every word-
You there, hyperbole!
Stop being absurd.

Scathing outbursts are
Prickly words-
They are so dour-
They must be avoided.

Lightly worded warnings
Are like seasoned divas
But just a trivia, they have
The ability to retain amnesia

A rambling passage
Loses its audience.
Kind of like a radio broadcast
Except with all the commercials.

A generic story kills brain cells-
It's as ironic as the wizard
Who doesn’t know how to spell.

Pompous advice
Is the worst-
So I'll advise it
To swallow its words.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Random little scribbles

    It was just a pair of midnight blue slippers. Dad got them for me when I was eight years old. I was so thrilled to have the pair of slippers because they “are so high!”-according to the vocabulary of the then eight year old me. They are actually a hybrid of slippers and platform shoes-which was perfect for me, considering my small stature that needed that extra boost in height to make myself visible in crowds and that the fact that they are actually slippers; for some reason I never liked covered footwear since young. 

    Maybe because subconsciously I knew that I had to wash the feet sweat and other unidentified objects off the shoes, which is redundant in the world of slippers. Stepping into those slippers is a luxury; like I am stepping on a mixture of rubber and soft cushion-almost like my feet being transported to a beach of soft sand. It was so nice to wear them, even mum with approximately the same feet size as mine occasionally ‘steals’ it so that she can do grocery shopping while getting “feet therapy”. But they were nothing much really, considering that they were bought from some random convenience store. In fact, they were extremely slippery. For five whole years that I have been wearing them, I had these traumatizing and possibly “near death experiences” running around, tripping and falling on these slippery soles. The best thing about those slippers is that they can go with any outfit I wear and still look smart and presentable. However, earthly possessions never last. After five whole years of wearing those slippers (quite a formidable feat for a $15 buy, aside from the mind blowing side note of my Peter Pan feet), it was finally time to say goodbye in the most abrupt and saddening manner.

    I was on my way for a visit to my grandparents’ when alas, the slippers’ strap snapped as I was hopping up some stairs; the sibilant consonant of these words still hurts my heart a little to this day. I tried my best to put them back together but just like Humpty Dumpty, not even super glue could put it together again. I stared as they were thrown into the rubbish chute; is it possible to feel so much attachment to a pair of footwear? In any case, I never found other slippers as comfortable and long lasting as them. Perhaps even the smallest things are irreplaceable.