Friday, February 26, 2016

Most Marvellous thing I’ve ever seen


**Some names are not changed. For obvious reasons.

***Major fangirling warning.

I paid SGD$136 for this.
That was the mantra I chanted in my head as the raw afternoon sun rays started roasting the hairs on my head and my skin. The devilish heat waves danced around the Stadium MRT station, but they do not deter the throngs of fangirls in the queue. I spied a number of the limited merchandise (YG bear bag, crown light stick, crown headgear, posters and so on) in the hands of the fan girls, and felt an invisible hand punching on my self-esteem. Either fangirls are generally affluent, or “limited merchandise” aren’t really that limited after all.

Syuhaida prodded me painfully on my arm with her phone, which cheerfully informed me that those merchandise are worth at least SGD$300. I looked at Syuhaida and we exchanged a knowing glance. At least we bought our bias’s flag- for free! Actually, we got them because I had picked up a ten-dollar note on the way from the ladies. Must be from one of the other fangirls. I imagine fangirls roaming about Stadium with stacks of money, doing the “make it rain” gesture.

The concert actually doesn’t start until six hours later, but my ever-so-resourceful Syuhaida managed to get a hold of channels that informed us that the band was going to arrive from the back of the stadium! And so we waited. Frankly, I was amazed at my own perseverance, arriving almost a quarter-of-a-day early for a concert.

But that was one of the rare opportunity of a lifetime, when you can let loose and do something wild and crazy in Singapore for once- like standing on a random low-lying partition wall, phone camera poised, ready to take that precious video of your bias walking by.

And they arrived-specifically, HE arrived, three hours and forty-two minutes later. I think I had simply gone on a trance- because my camera phone went abandoned when he came. His shock of orange hair and unassuming aura was unmistakable as he waved twice at all of us. “Oh my God, it’s GD! GD! GD!” everyone whispered excitedly to each other. A few others tried screaming out his name.

Driven to excitement by the passionate crowd, the security momentarily forgot herself (and her job) and whipped out her phone to snap a few photos.  I could only stare, taking it all in and trying to imprint this moment into my mind. Unfortunately, his face was obscured with the typical “celebrity mask” used more for fashion than for hygiene purposes. Just like that, in that precious five seconds, he disappeared into the lobby of the stadium.

And that was the signal for everyone to scatter and head for the concert itself.

Security checks were strict, but not nearly as careful. It was a great relief that I managed to sneak in my mipad, otherwise it would be such a waste if there wasn’t any softcopy record of tonight’s experience.

And it was simply phenomenal. The entire concert hall was lit with a gorgeous sea of gold, as the fans waved their crowned lightstick- the symbol of the band, in the air. When the boys of Big Bang finally revealed themselves on stage, it was a feast for the eyes. My eyes immediately zeroed in on him. GD was standing right in the middle, with his flashy crimson coat and enigmatic smirk. I felt jolts in the core of my chest when he turned and gaze in my general direction. Youtube videos does not justify his charismatic good looks. I silently thanked God for the good view from my cheap seating, as compared to others. The concert literally started with a bang, with the powerful beats of their signature track “Bang Bang Bang” reverberating throughout the entire stadium. My head was spinning a little as everyone screamed and jumped in unison. I made fast friends with my neighbouring fans as we bonded over our favourite tracks. Apart from the insane vibe and passionate outbursts of music, the concert went smoothly- until HE came and rocked my night.

He was not GD, but Tae Yang. Tae Yang. Number 1 on Billboard World Albums Chart in 2013. Number 24 in The Critic's List of "100 Most Handsome Faces of 2015". It was like I had been momentarily thrown into a fanfiction. Tae Yang simply stepped down from the stage, took off his shirt, strolled right up to my seat’s column- and threw it in my direction. In the short two decades of my life, I have never experienced such a heart-stopping second.

The shirt flew, albeit almost in a slow-mo mode, and reached…

Not me, but my new friend sitting beside me. If only he had thrown the shirt slightly five degrees more towards me! I wasn’t sure if I could feel devastation for this sudden new development of events, but the only thing that I knew, was that the shirt was precious. The surrounding fangirls certainly thought so too, and I could tell that they were trying to physically restrain themselves from wrestling my lucky neighbour for the shirt. Lucky for everyone, the girl was generous, and allowed everyone around to have a feel of the shirt.

I felt the shirt- the soft cotton wet from Tae Yang’s sweat, and couldn’t help but thought of what could have been. It was a simple black singlet, with the simple logo of the concert embedded on it. One of the fans also requested for the permission to smell the shirt. It sounded absurd, but we were talking about the shirt of an international artiste. The shirt was extraordinary because it had belonged to such a famous and beloved artiste. It was remarkable because the artiste himself had actually just sweated in it.

What makes it most marvellous was that I was so close in attaining it.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

K dramas- keeping insanity at bay


This marks the longest and one of the most treacherous exam period I've ever had.

It's simply torturous to maintain your studying momentum when most of the other faculties seemed to have finished their exams. Burp. Yes, I will repent for all those times I've finished my exams weeks earlier than others.

And to add on to the sufferings, my computer decided that it simply cannot handle more than two tasks simultaneously while I was doing ELAN programming. Added "chucking the laptop out the window" into my list of fantasies.

Okay, so while I was busy yanking my hair outta my mori, I made the greatest decision to drown my sorrows with K dramas.


Due to my extreme biasedness to Jpop and Japan, I've never really noticed how simply BEAUTIFUL South Korea's culture was!

Confession: my resistance to the Kpop wave had always been futile coz I'M A FREAKING CASSIE. Less than three *raises hand*

I think one of the greatest things about K dramas is that one can learn ALOT about people and of Korea's culture.

WAD IZ JJIM JIL BANG?? I never knew of their existence until I've watched Cruel Temptation! WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MAH LYFE?

My favorite thing about Korea's culture is definitely their use of honorifics! It is so interesting to see that they always have to announce their birth year during introduction to acquaintances; they have to establish a hierarchy of seniority.


If only the Singapore culture has this as one of our manner requisite...

So yea, I have been catching up with a few of K dramas' most popular titles AND THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I can't emphasize how professionally serious the Koreans take their acting; even their Idol dramas set a comparatively high standard.

So after watching the "National drama" that was 'Moon Embracing the Sun' ( KIM SOO HYUN AND HAN GA IN OMGGG HOTNESS OVERLOAD I CAN'T.), I decided to see how the other national dramas are like. BTW the love story is so beautiful ahh. But well, I thought that the drama's strongest point (besides the strong cast) is its focus on romance.. I kinda wished that the series included more historically/ culturally based elements, like 大長今. But oh well no complains!

Randomly stumbled upon PINOCCHIO coz of Lee Jong Suk's appearance on Running Man:


I was absolutely blown away by the story. Really admire how cleverly the scriptwriters planned out each episode and how they explore journalism as a whole. We all know that journalism is not easy, but I've never really thought of how 'impact'-ful (hur hur) it can be.

I was a little bored for the first and second episode coz it was really dramatic and emotionally heavy (hey I was looking for rom coms to make me feel better). The flashbacks and flash-forwards kind of destabilizes the audiences' comprehension of the seriousness of the story, but I realize this might just be one of the constant element throughout all other K dramas- they like to tell you about the characters' background and establish their personality & relationships before moving on with the story. In the case of Pinocchio, I thought it was really well done, especially how the series straddled both elements of tragedy and humor carefully enough.

The story developed its characters so beautifully, I'm in tears. Literally. It made me cry buckets and it made me laugh my ass off. The young actors for Ki Ha Myung and especially  Ki Jae Myung were especially talented and their character portrayal was very moving.

I am sorry to say that I really didn't know who Park Shin Hye was before watching this; I just thought that her depiction of the Pinocchio syndrome was really expected from the most popular actress in Korea's film industry.

Lee-Yu Bi as Yoon Yu Rae was simply refreshing; she is so pretty and funny! Wish they could have wrapped up her character with a happy ending with our dear 'Cap Cap' rather than an ambiguous one, but I guess if everyone had a happy ending, then the sense of realism would be spoilt.

Yoon Kyun-Sang(aka Ki Jae Myung aka Le Hyung) naturally received a considerable amount of attention even though his was a supporting character- his eyes...omg his eyes! Such sorrow and anger that sends shivers down your spine! Netizens were right to go cray over him- such potential. And handsomeness.

It is not difficult to see why this was such a popular K drama series AND I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID NOT LAG TOO LONG TO WATCH THIS; it finished airing early this year.

NOW IT'S TIME TO FANGIRL OVER LEE JONG SUK~~Was quite distracted by his nose throughout the series..but hey, still very talented and handsome.

I hear your voice

As a Legal Drama it was really informative; I knew nuts about court procedure before this series. Character development was really well done and the uniqueness of each character is admirable,given that the series was so short; I think audiences can feel and empathise with every single character.

Another series with Lee Jong Suk as main lead; I first saw the making of this drama series and saw alot of good reviews about it and I was not disappointed- I loved Lee Bo Young's very candid and independent Hye Sung. I felt the potent aegyo-ness of Lee Jong Suk and was immediately converted into a fangirl. He portrayed the immaturity and growing maturity of Soo-ha really well. Brilliant selection of sound tracks. Portrayal of older-woman and younger man relationship was so sweet, it's just....daeeeeebak.

I could not stop watching after starting on the series (WHAT IS EXAM) because it was all rather fast-paced and you'd just want to continue finding out what happened next.

It's just............A MUST WATCH, making me all warm and fuzzy inside...and also making me feel sad about my own reality in general -.-

Birth of a Beauty

It was on the list for "popular series" and seemed promising, so I immediately jumped into watching this.

It's a fun series, but it was quite disappointing for me because it had great potential for plot and character development. I liked the references to reality shows "Change" and was quite stoked for the plot to unveil. But it seemed to drag on and on for the whole 21 episodes; looking more like a parody and extremely watered down and conflated version of Cruel Temptation (seriously, the series was so good that we see so many other vague versions of it) and 200 pound beauty.

Some loopholes were unexplained and though its a rom com, I couldn't take the characters seriously (did Geum-Ran really recalled her past during the first few episodes? Her reaction was just so-so) and the light hearted vibe just wasn't suitable,given the context of the characters' situation. I dno, I just thought that if you wanna dramatize tragedy, lightheartedness should come much later/ be executed at the appropriate times and not in between the serious scenes,like some red herring.

Nonetheless, Tae-Hee always comes and save the day and it was entertaining enough.

Brb, gonna re-watch and cry over Cruel Temptation  after this series.

What were they like?

Hi! ni hao mah?
Apa capah, Jiak ba buey?
Jiak ba liao! Lei hou mah?

The usual babble of chatter
Scatters across the corridors
Like the bright colours of the great red house
Si mi dai ji?
Ta ma di dan ah!
Wa lau eh, kwa kwa kwa!
Orh-i-orh siah, ho seh liao!
The thunderous shuffling of Mahjong tiles
Claps along with the echoes of rousing laughter;
A blur of red packets
Coupled with the elbowing through, and between, legs
Ah Gong! Ah Ma!
Mamee! Daddy!
Bibi, stop running-
Ah girl ah, stop crying.
I didn’t know whose arms it was
That gave me the warmth
I sought, but I know
That I’m home.
Jie ah Jie ah!
Eh, sot plug! Siao eh,
Diam diam lah!
Aishhhh. Nan dattoh?
An addition on the ancestral tablet
 Marks the passing of the last 15 years,
Yet nothing much has changed;
We are all still the same.

Oi, chi fan le lah!
Ji dan gao,
Hokkien mee leh?!
To hit is to love, to scold is to love-
Quarrels are as endless, as the rice we ate together
But this is the magic of our fabric:
Like covalent bonds, ours are strengthened under force
Like, lots of fighting, hwaiting and our favourite TV shows-
Xian zai, Li ke, Ma Shang!
Qu Chong Liang!!
Ayyyy, wae oh wae??
Adventures brings us together,
Even as they take us far away

From home.