Tuesday, July 29, 2014

School, please just start already

Just broke camp a few days ago! Man, I was really exhausted.

UOC camp was pretty exciting; partly because I actually had quite a few things to do.
Productivity feels really good, especially because the numbing inactivity of the three months holiday is starting to take a toll on me.

Like wow, I am actually complaining about freaking holidays.

The post-camp syndromes are starting to eat at my boredom too; I am glad to have the EOY 2014 cosfest to look forward to.

Yes, I know that some of these "exciting social events" are temporal and can be pretty pointless, but I insist that I must learn from and go through many more new experiences-before I sign my life away to the working world.

Maybe it's hard to believe since I always prioritize other events before it, but I really do miss church.

I long to listen to the life-giving and energizing words of the word and the fellowship of my brethren. It has been too long. Most important of all, I miss the connection with Christ.

Spare me the weird look, but Christ is very real. I can vouch for that.
He is always with us, loving us and directing us, whether you "think it" or "feel it" or not.
It has always been comforting and peaceful in communicating and praying to Christ. But as I get more and more caught up with my worldly activities, I feel like I have disregarded many of the things he has directed at me, and chose to do things my own way.

In other words, I am very spiritually sian now.

I can't wait school to start soon, so that I can get back to my weekly schedule of going for our English Youth Forum.

But then again, I have probably the shittiest timetable anyone can have- a five day lesson week with the weirdest timings everrrrr. So it's with mixed feelings that I count down to the first day of  new semester.

And OH I forgot that I am no longer a freshie now. Like great, I can't afford to get lost in school as much as last year again.

Diabolik Lovers

I have finished watching the anime version and dear me...




I think the story was supposed to be portraying some kind of super psychotic love.

But the problem is, it was too erratic and random to the point that any element of plot twist and "surprises" no longer have any effect on me because I can't even take the story seriously anymore.

The protagonist and main love interest of this harem story, Yui Komori, makes female protagonists like Isabella from Twilight and Anastasia Steele from 50 shades look as though they have the best personalities ever. SO DEEP. WOW. SO MUCH CHARACTER.


The art was pretty nice but that's it. The characters are literally soulless. The attempt for a story plot was as lazy as Shu Sakamoto.

I followed the entire story till the end, hoping that there would be a mind blowing episode explaining the chaotic and irrational behavior of the vampires but hell no, there was absolutely no sense of a closure.

What makes me so mad is that the story COULD HAVE BEEN ULTRA AWESOME. But no, they decided to butcher the story and cater to lotta fanservice. 

Lo and behold there was also the game version: Diabolik Lovers- Haunted Dark Bridal.
Which had a total of about 24 alternative endings. From what I've read, only about like 4 endings or so from the game are not fucked up.

Okay I will be fair and I'd say, the storyline for Subaru Sakamoto and Shu Sakamoto in the game seems to be almost decent. I thought I would ship Ayato with Yui but his cray crayness is a big hellllll noh.

The thought of checking out the manga just makes my blood run cold.

Monday, July 14, 2014

A short update and Tobuscus- Literal Trailers

It's two more hours til the Grand Finale of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

I am really excited for this match! Germany's got a really impressive lineup of team players, with the record breaking match against Brazil. On the other hand, Argentina has key player Lionel Messi and talented players as well.

I'm not siding any team; I just want an exciting match! The wait is killing me. I hope I'll have a sleepover party in the next FIFA World Cup; it'll be so fun.


I love Toby's Literal Parody of trailers; they're simply hilarious!

I know that some of these have been uploaded like, 4 years ago or so (and you've all probably already watched them) but some things are just timeless classics.

Basically, Toby creates wacky 'lyrics' that goes along with the tune of the theme music from trailers.

I used to memorize the 'lyrics' with my brother. He can still remember most of them. I am sad to say that I don't have his spectacular memory so this is like a 'revision' for me haha.

LITERAL Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Trailer

 His Assassin's Creed series (yes, there's more of these) are my favorite coz they're super catchy and they've references to each other. JUST WATCHHH

"Nod at the bird and PEOPLE DIE.



DIE!! "

LITERAL Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer Parody

Everything with Harry Potter is good.

LITERAL The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This is so funny, I just cannot. Tank.

"If you sneeze on me, I'll take a bath with you sometime" 

LITERAL Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I think this may be one of his most catchy trailers yet.

"Fallin' and fallin' and fallin' and fallin'..


LAND IN A LAKE!!!!!!! "


I still have about 40 minutes of waiting time....Wonder how many other people also stayed up for this match...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cosfest VIII 2014 @ D'Marquee, Downtown East

I am pretty glad that Cyanide and I went as cosplayers for this event. At least we had something to do- like posing for pictures haha.

This time, we're on the same theme(team)!

Our 'Team'
Same 'Theme'
By now you can sorta guess our characters...
Yes. Death Note. I look like crap but whatever. Don't offend me. I'll take your autograph. MisaMisa's looking hot as usual!

I must say, I was simply thrilled to see so many cosplayers there! This time, there were much more cosplayers around than Anime Matsuri and Cosfest Black Market.

Most importantly, the theme for this event is FINAL FANTASY. I was very excited to see cosplayers for Cloud and Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII! I saw a few Tifa (s) as well.

Yuffie Kirasagi
Cloud Strife

I initially considered  going as Tifa because of the simplicity of her outfit, but my hair wasn't long enough and I refuse to splurge on wigs.

Tifa Lockhart
Slightly disappointed that I did not see any Aerith though ( COZ I SHIP AERITH X CLOUD SORRY TIFA SORRY ZACK); she was one of my fav FF characters. I think it's because her character requires too much props to cosplay...
Aerith Gainsborough

MY OTP. *foams at mouth due to excessive fangirling*
If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should watch Final Fantasy VII Advent Children ( Plenty of full versions on Youtube) if you haven't! THE GRAPHICS ARE BREATHTAKING. So many (virtual) hunks! So many (virtual) babes! btw I just realized my own Advent Children disc don't have some of the additional scenes (WHY). So yea, it's probably always best to watch it online.

I'm focusing alot on FFVII coz I did not see cosplayers for other FF series, so yea.

In terms of stage programmes, Cosfest VIII has paled in comparison to conventions of similar magnitude (like Anime Matsuri 2014).

I think that the duration for the Cosfest Anime Karaoke could have been shortened. While I was mostly bored from it, there ARE a few performances that are praiseworthy. However, there was still not much to do there except to wander around the stage and trying to get a glimpse of the items in store at the booths. That is, if you can even survive the huge crowd and get near enough to the booths.

 Also, I don't know how, but even though we were wandering around inside the D'Marquee most of the time, we managed to miss a very famous guest cosplayer, Yuegene Fay.

It was also kind of a pity that I did not try out for the Cosfest Running Man; it sounds pretty interesting. But alas, I was wearing crappy shoes(again) and registration should have been done earlier.

I really liked the Graffiti Wall! We have so many talented artists!

Ironically, we had alot more fun hanging out as our character at the downtown east Macdonalds rather than walking around. I think next time I'll just chill and people watch there; it was quite an interesting experience.
Fun with these pretty girls! ^^