Saturday, May 9, 2015

K dramas- keeping insanity at bay


This marks the longest and one of the most treacherous exam period I've ever had.

It's simply torturous to maintain your studying momentum when most of the other faculties seemed to have finished their exams. Burp. Yes, I will repent for all those times I've finished my exams weeks earlier than others.

And to add on to the sufferings, my computer decided that it simply cannot handle more than two tasks simultaneously while I was doing ELAN programming. Added "chucking the laptop out the window" into my list of fantasies.

Okay, so while I was busy yanking my hair outta my mori, I made the greatest decision to drown my sorrows with K dramas.


Due to my extreme biasedness to Jpop and Japan, I've never really noticed how simply BEAUTIFUL South Korea's culture was!

Confession: my resistance to the Kpop wave had always been futile coz I'M A FREAKING CASSIE. Less than three *raises hand*

I think one of the greatest things about K dramas is that one can learn ALOT about people and of Korea's culture.

WAD IZ JJIM JIL BANG?? I never knew of their existence until I've watched Cruel Temptation! WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MAH LYFE?

My favorite thing about Korea's culture is definitely their use of honorifics! It is so interesting to see that they always have to announce their birth year during introduction to acquaintances; they have to establish a hierarchy of seniority.


If only the Singapore culture has this as one of our manner requisite...

So yea, I have been catching up with a few of K dramas' most popular titles AND THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I can't emphasize how professionally serious the Koreans take their acting; even their Idol dramas set a comparatively high standard.

So after watching the "National drama" that was 'Moon Embracing the Sun' ( KIM SOO HYUN AND HAN GA IN OMGGG HOTNESS OVERLOAD I CAN'T.), I decided to see how the other national dramas are like. BTW the love story is so beautiful ahh. But well, I thought that the drama's strongest point (besides the strong cast) is its focus on romance.. I kinda wished that the series included more historically/ culturally based elements, like 大長今. But oh well no complains!

Randomly stumbled upon PINOCCHIO coz of Lee Jong Suk's appearance on Running Man:


I was absolutely blown away by the story. Really admire how cleverly the scriptwriters planned out each episode and how they explore journalism as a whole. We all know that journalism is not easy, but I've never really thought of how 'impact'-ful (hur hur) it can be.

I was a little bored for the first and second episode coz it was really dramatic and emotionally heavy (hey I was looking for rom coms to make me feel better). The flashbacks and flash-forwards kind of destabilizes the audiences' comprehension of the seriousness of the story, but I realize this might just be one of the constant element throughout all other K dramas- they like to tell you about the characters' background and establish their personality & relationships before moving on with the story. In the case of Pinocchio, I thought it was really well done, especially how the series straddled both elements of tragedy and humor carefully enough.

The story developed its characters so beautifully, I'm in tears. Literally. It made me cry buckets and it made me laugh my ass off. The young actors for Ki Ha Myung and especially  Ki Jae Myung were especially talented and their character portrayal was very moving.

I am sorry to say that I really didn't know who Park Shin Hye was before watching this; I just thought that her depiction of the Pinocchio syndrome was really expected from the most popular actress in Korea's film industry.

Lee-Yu Bi as Yoon Yu Rae was simply refreshing; she is so pretty and funny! Wish they could have wrapped up her character with a happy ending with our dear 'Cap Cap' rather than an ambiguous one, but I guess if everyone had a happy ending, then the sense of realism would be spoilt.

Yoon Kyun-Sang(aka Ki Jae Myung aka Le Hyung) naturally received a considerable amount of attention even though his was a supporting character- his eyes...omg his eyes! Such sorrow and anger that sends shivers down your spine! Netizens were right to go cray over him- such potential. And handsomeness.

It is not difficult to see why this was such a popular K drama series AND I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID NOT LAG TOO LONG TO WATCH THIS; it finished airing early this year.

NOW IT'S TIME TO FANGIRL OVER LEE JONG SUK~~Was quite distracted by his nose throughout the series..but hey, still very talented and handsome.

I hear your voice

As a Legal Drama it was really informative; I knew nuts about court procedure before this series. Character development was really well done and the uniqueness of each character is admirable,given that the series was so short; I think audiences can feel and empathise with every single character.

Another series with Lee Jong Suk as main lead; I first saw the making of this drama series and saw alot of good reviews about it and I was not disappointed- I loved Lee Bo Young's very candid and independent Hye Sung. I felt the potent aegyo-ness of Lee Jong Suk and was immediately converted into a fangirl. He portrayed the immaturity and growing maturity of Soo-ha really well. Brilliant selection of sound tracks. Portrayal of older-woman and younger man relationship was so sweet, it's just....daeeeeebak.

I could not stop watching after starting on the series (WHAT IS EXAM) because it was all rather fast-paced and you'd just want to continue finding out what happened next.

It's just............A MUST WATCH, making me all warm and fuzzy inside...and also making me feel sad about my own reality in general -.-

Birth of a Beauty

It was on the list for "popular series" and seemed promising, so I immediately jumped into watching this.

It's a fun series, but it was quite disappointing for me because it had great potential for plot and character development. I liked the references to reality shows "Change" and was quite stoked for the plot to unveil. But it seemed to drag on and on for the whole 21 episodes; looking more like a parody and extremely watered down and conflated version of Cruel Temptation (seriously, the series was so good that we see so many other vague versions of it) and 200 pound beauty.

Some loopholes were unexplained and though its a rom com, I couldn't take the characters seriously (did Geum-Ran really recalled her past during the first few episodes? Her reaction was just so-so) and the light hearted vibe just wasn't suitable,given the context of the characters' situation. I dno, I just thought that if you wanna dramatize tragedy, lightheartedness should come much later/ be executed at the appropriate times and not in between the serious scenes,like some red herring.

Nonetheless, Tae-Hee always comes and save the day and it was entertaining enough.

Brb, gonna re-watch and cry over Cruel Temptation  after this series.

What were they like?

Hi! ni hao mah?
Apa capah, Jiak ba buey?
Jiak ba liao! Lei hou mah?

The usual babble of chatter
Scatters across the corridors
Like the bright colours of the great red house
Si mi dai ji?
Ta ma di dan ah!
Wa lau eh, kwa kwa kwa!
Orh-i-orh siah, ho seh liao!
The thunderous shuffling of Mahjong tiles
Claps along with the echoes of rousing laughter;
A blur of red packets
Coupled with the elbowing through, and between, legs
Ah Gong! Ah Ma!
Mamee! Daddy!
Bibi, stop running-
Ah girl ah, stop crying.
I didn’t know whose arms it was
That gave me the warmth
I sought, but I know
That I’m home.
Jie ah Jie ah!
Eh, sot plug! Siao eh,
Diam diam lah!
Aishhhh. Nan dattoh?
An addition on the ancestral tablet
 Marks the passing of the last 15 years,
Yet nothing much has changed;
We are all still the same.

Oi, chi fan le lah!
Ji dan gao,
Hokkien mee leh?!
To hit is to love, to scold is to love-
Quarrels are as endless, as the rice we ate together
But this is the magic of our fabric:
Like covalent bonds, ours are strengthened under force
Like, lots of fighting, hwaiting and our favourite TV shows-
Xian zai, Li ke, Ma Shang!
Qu Chong Liang!!
Ayyyy, wae oh wae??
Adventures brings us together,
Even as they take us far away

From home.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I REMEMBER (experiment based on Joe Brainard's biography)

I remember how I didn’t know how to smile when the adults says “cheese!”, so I opened my mouth really wide, into a huge little “O”. Though very unglam, it seemed to delight them then. I was never really photogenic anyway.

I remember the first Christmas I had in my grandparents’ house- I remember that I kept touching and plucking on the fake Christmas tree. Everyone loved me and I was the center of everyone’s attention, because I was the only child in the family then. We had the best KFC meal that day. I remember clearly how smelly uncle’s fart was on that day. Once you smelt it, you cannot unsmell it.

I remember having a very bossy and bitchy childcare playmate. His boogers are forever hanging from his nose. Everyday there, I wished that he would remember to wipe it.

I remember having a birthday celebration at the childcare centre; the cake was a big as the sea! I remember being so embarrassed when everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me.

I remember another cake. It wasn’t chocolate flavored. I was so sad when I realized that the cake wasn’t mine; everybody told me it was grandpa’s. I cried so hard, then grandpa cut the cake with me. I just wanted to blow the candles.

I remember going up the Merlion. On the way, there was a skeleton on the ceiling. My dad was tall and he was carrying me, so I was so terrified of touching the skeleton- I thought they might bite me with their bony teeth. Then we reached the Merlion’s mouth. I didn’t care about anything else; I just wanted to touch the Merlion’s gigantic teeth.

I remember being the “lightbulb” during my youngest aunt’s dates with her future husband. I got everything I asked for, and they even told me stories about Daniel and the Lions. I remember how beautiful the picture book was. I remember throwing it away when I was old enough to understand it.

I remember a dear neighbor of mine. Everyone said we looked like twins (because of our Chinese eyes). So we became the best of friends. We had the same pink Pikachu dress and same handheld Pikachu. It was all so funny; we could have become the next “Four Little Golden Princesses”, except half.

I remember how another neighbor had loved me; he and his wife doted on me because they had no daughter. They brought me to many places with their sons; like the Singapore army exhibition. I cried because I wasn’t tall enough to reach the army telescope, but the boys could (and I was supposed to be older than them!).

I remember my first National Day with my Kindergarten friends; all of us wore the Singapore air steward and stewardess uniform. I felt really pretty in the dress because it was a gorgeous shade of purple. Purple like our Vanda Miss Joaquim. I remember how prettily radiant my form teacher was on that day. I remember how all the parents were talking about how she disappeared with the childcare’s money, months later. I didn’t know why she would do that then.

I remember visiting my youngest aunt’s future husband’s house. I loved going there because he had a dog, named “Kouki”. The dog was so lovable, but I was scared it would bite me. So I always stayed on the second floor to talk to it, because I knew that it didn’t dare to go down the stairs from the third floor. I had an obsession with all dogs then.

I remember my first Chinese Orchestra performance at school; and how mum missed the whole performance because she was late. She brought my brother along though, and I remember how he ran all around the school on his fat little legs.

I remember my first relay race- I loved running and the way the wind blows past my face; I imagined having superpowers and riding with the wind. I remember how intimidating all the older prefect were, and how tall they were, standing behind our relay team. I remember my team got the fourth place-the last. All the girls in my team held hands and walked out the field, pouting.

I remember my primary one friends and my form teacher; and how she loved us. She gave me a Toy Story bookmark for my birthday and I cried when I got home; because I remember everyone else got the Bug’s Life bookmark and I really wanted that same bookmark as well.

I remember being so scared of all my dolls and soft toys after I dreamed that my doll bit me like a vampire. The stories about haunted Teletubbies were the last straw; I kept them all in the storeroom after that.

I remember mum being pregnant with brother and how strange it all was for me, watching her belly grow into a mountain and move and kick, like a soft, fleshy football.

I remember drawing pokemon and digimon for my newborn baby brother on the day of the hospital visit.

I remember seeing my baby brother for the first time-he was so small, so wrinkled. I don’t know what I felt, but I just stood beside the container, and I couldn’t look away.

I remembered playing Hide-and-seek and Three blind mice with my cousins in my grandparents’ huge bedroom. It was always fun then. I still wish that they would still want to play these games with me, but the room is now too small for all of us.

I remember always asking dad and mum for Macdonald’s vanilla ice cream cone. I couldn’t understand why they were satisfied after having just one bite of the ice cream then; but I was glad I had the rest of the delicious, sweet ice cream all to myself.

I remembered that horrid tutor during my PSLE days- she made every single one of us children cry with her grating loud voice and harsh words. But she turned out to be my biggest motivation for PSLE, and in the end I really liked my results.

I remember that boy I had a crush on since kindergarten- I had to leave the crush behind after getting my PSLE score and move on to secondary school. I remember having one last glance at him- dark, tanned skin, very good looking face (but my best friend then told me he looked ugly. I totally freaked out at her comment), dashing mushroom hairstyle…

I remember those kindergarten days when I had the crush on that boy. His name was Kenneth. It was a very bizarre name to me then, because I had known only Chinese names. I told him it sounds like “camel”. He laughed awkwardly. I didn’t know what a crush was then, but I was very, very happy because he kept blowing flying kisses at me during class (it disturbs me a little now I think of it) and called me his best friend. I also felt quite angry whenever he kept hanging out with another girl in class. I guess love and jealousy is an inborn thing.

I remember my second crush in secondary school. The boy sat beside me for two semesters, and we became fast friends. I don’t know when, but I started to get very fond of him, especially his face. I thought he was very, very handsome. He also had very tanned skin. I think I have a thing for tanned skins.

I remember watching Sailormoon and that masked guy kissing and wondered how a kiss is like. Is it like, biting each other’s lips?

I remember pouting in front of the kitchen mirror, just to see how I would look when kissing. I was horrified at what I saw. I guess “no one likes a duckface” is true.

I remember playing playdough in front of the kitchen. I accidentally chocked on and swallowed a chunk of it when I dangled it over my open mouth. It was so painful trying to puke it back out.

I remember falling asleep on the sofa as my parents watch TV.

I always remember how dad and mum always carry me to my bed whenever I was half asleep.

I remembered how awesome my childhood was.

But somewhere along my growing up, everyone fucked me over.